Multiple Stakeholder Engagement of Starbucks

Everybody knows what Starbucks is. It’s the place to get amazing coffee, but do you know what else the Starbucks Company provides for the people besides drinks and food?starbucks

The Starbucks Company lists their goals as:

  • Creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome.
  • Acting with courage, challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow our company and each other.
  • Being present, connecting with transparency, dignity and respect.
  • Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results.

In order to achieve these goals, Starbucks builds partnerships to benefit their employees, investors, communities, suppliers, and customers.


Starbucks offers many benefits for their employees such as, disability coverage, commuter benefits, adoption assistance, vacation, insurance, tuition reimbursement and more.

I have a friend who benefits from the Starbucks College Achievement Plan. Starbucks has a partnership with Arizona State University. In order to be eligible, someone needs to have worked at Starbucks for three months. That person has to be a part time employee for Starbucks and pay a small part of the tuition to insure they continue working for Starbucks, but after every semester, he or she is fully reimbursed. My friend uses this online campus from Arizona and she thinks its an amazing benefit because she can live anywhere that has a Starbucks, work there, and attend college for free and in her own time.


 Investors benefit from the stock of Starbucks when it is growing. Those who partner with Starbucks benefit by contributing ideas, getting profit from a store, having jobs for those who need, receiving discounts on items in the store, discounts on other stores that may be needed, gym memberships, and much more depending on what partner or investor.


Starbucks has many programs that help the community of where they are located. They sponsor new equipment in schools, pay for events and celebrations, but their partnership programs are what make a big difference to people.

One program is a partnership with the AAMA for the Latino community that surrounds the area. In the video shown by the Starbucks Company, it shows what they did for one woman, Anita who got a job because of the partnership with AAMA. She was educated and put into a job at Starbucks to later be given her own store to run. The store that she runs benefits the Latin community that surrounds it. It is a community store that shares the profit it brings in with the AAMA non profit organization, helping the community.


 Starbucks uses a Supplier Diversity Program when it comes to buying their supplies. They try to find diverse owned businesses to buy from. This way they provide profit and business to different communities and businesses. There are factors in order to be eligible to be a supplier, but this creates opportunities for small businesses to gain acknowledgement and make a profit that they normally would not have the option for.


We can probably agree that the customers of Starbucks are pretty happy with what they are getting. I talked to a customer who appears in a Starbucks store multiple times a day. He says being a customer of Starbucks has many perks. There is the Starbucks Rewards where by spending a dollar a person gets two stars and when he or she reaches 120 stars, any drink he or she wants is free. They also have promotions to gain stars a different way. Starbucks gives free refills for hot or iced coffee if someone is a gold member. Customers also love the fact that their cups used are all recycled products and benefitting the environment.

Here we see the Multiple Stakeholders Starbucks uses to benefit themselves and others. If you have a benefit to share from Starbucks comment below!