Media Relations Benefits and Concepts

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Getting in touch with journalists can be hard and even if it happens maybe it wasn’t done right. In order to have good media relations in this digital age, we need to make sure we have done it right. Basics for good media relations according to the book, “Cutlip and Center’s Effective Public Relations” between practitioners and journalists are:

  • Shoot straight – be honest right away so everyone understands where they are at with everything going on
  • Give service – give over what the journalists wants that is newsworthy and interesting to them
  • Do not beg or whine – do not beg to have stories used or complain about what has been done
  • Do not ask for “kills” – do not ask to have a story taken down once it has been released
  • Do not flood the media – 1) stick to what journalists agree is news 2) keep media email lists up to date 3) send to only one journalist at each news media

When we think of media relations we have to take into account the few factors that are important to this. Such concepts are search engines, owned media, syndication services, social media press release, social sharing, and hidden influencers.

Search engines

A company wants their link to come up right away when someone searches a certain word. Many will pay for their website to appear as the first link when used as a search. This is important because a company needs to have people visiting their website. Being on the 3,948 page of Google isn’t going to help with that. A journalist wants to be able to find something right away. If an interesting link appears in front of a journalist maybe he or she will write about it.

Owned media

This is media that a company controls themselves. A website or print advertising is controlled from the company. They pay to advertise whatever they want. They can control what and when it is published. It is important to have this control within a company. It can be sent to a journalist in hopes that an article is written about whatever the company has come out with. They need news to show what their company is and it usually starts with owned media, but this can be used to create something bigger.

Syndication services

Having syndicated services lets a publication be published in many different places. It lets a company branch out in different directions that usually have to do with the main companies mission. This syndication makes it easier for word to get out on many different media outlets by possibly more than one journalist. A journalist can have an article published in different places if it is syndicated.

Social media press release

A social media press release can be very beneficial. People are on their social media all the time. They can share the press release straight from their devices. The company can put l
inks on the press release that you can’t do on paper. The contact information can also be clicked on and easy to access. So too, it is extremely easy for someone to get to and read quickly. No need for a person to go out of his or her way. The difference between a traditional press release and social media press release can be explained here.

Social sharing


Having the ability to share something on social media makes a lot easier to do so and more likely for people to want to. A small click of a button and dozens of people can know about something that I had heard about moments ago. This can be a real pro to media relations. Word can get out in a matter of minutes to hundreds of people with out even doing much work for it. New York Times and other newspapers use their social media sharing to benefit themselves. They have a link attached to their post and their article. This way anyone can see it and it can be shared multiple times.

Hidden influencers

Hidden influencers like bloggers or people on social media are useful to have. Someone who has a big following and shares or talks about something that was posted from a company originally, can get the word out there without even trying. Journalists can be influencers for many companies. What they write gets out into the world and their followers now know about whatever was written.

According to a comprehensive annual report from the Pew Research Center, State of the News Media:

“News is a part of the explosion of social media and mobile devices, and in a way that could offer opportunity to reach more people with news than ever before.”


screenshot times
My NYtimes app is where I get my news

Many people now read news, press releases, advertising, and other news related events on their phones or computers. This can actually be beneficial because people who would never look at a news outlet are getting it on their social media instead. I personally wouldn’t think of picking up a newspaper, but having applications on my phone that notify me about news updates lets me be in the know quickly and easily.

Following these concepts leads to good media relations. To learn how to master media relations in the digital world look at this blog.

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